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Freedom's Phoenix
Bill Weld a Commitment to Hypocrisy?
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo
November 3, 2016

Why would the Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee shill for Hillary Clinton? He favors state control over individual choice and fails to understand his immoral position. Read Article

2013 Commandments
Richard Sutton by Richard Sutton
June 10, 2013

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has released it's 2013 10,000 Commandments report and the highlights are... interesting. Read Article

Sandy and Price Gouging in New York and New Jersey
Nick Coons by Nick Coons
November 4, 2012

The common response to raising prices in a disaster scenario is one of disgust, that shopkeepers are greedy, out for themselves, and taking advantage of the situation in order to line their own pockets. But increased prices in such situations are actually a good thing. Read Article

Acknowledging the EPA Glut
by Eric Stevenson
April 30, 2011

Amongst the loud bickering about the recent budget cuts to the EPA, where the Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act of 2011 cut the EPA budget by a paltry 16% there has hardly been any news acknowledging exactly how wastefully a large chunk of that money had been allocated previously. Read Article

Plaster of Paris
by Alberto Arredondo
November 6, 2010

So called health care inflation plagues us and brings the public to give the government the power to "fix" the problem. Now with the Republicans in power, no doubt Obamacare will continue, though in some altered form. Are health care costs really skyrocketing? Read Article

America, Land of the Imprisoned
by Austin Raynor
September 19, 2010

America's incarceration rate has grown to a level that is unacceptable from both moral and fiscal perspectives. Read Article

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