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Self Defense

September 30, 2008 - 12:00am
Richard Sutton by Richard Sutton


The second amendment gets debated a lot these days but it seems that the point of the right to bear arms is getting lost in the noise.

There are lots of very nice, well intentioned people that not only want to be defenseless themselves but insist that everyone else should be forcibly made that way also.  I often feel the need to remind these nice people that the police cannot protect them and they have no mission statement that suggests that they will (and I've tried to find one that did).

What police departments do all over America is "improve public safety by capturing criminals and gathering evidence to support their prosecution and incarceration".  While these are fine goals the police are not obligated to be anyone's personal bodyguard for the simple reason that they can't be.  The police will try to protect you if they have an opportunity but the general outcome of calling the police is for the police to arrive well after you are (beaten, murdered, robbed, etc.) and to try to catch, and assist in the prosecution of the responsible party (I almost wrote "responsible criminal" but that seems a contradiction in terms).

You should not carry a firearm if you do not know how to use one - so get educated on the subject first.  Also, if you wish to have lives saved after accidents or incidents it would be wise to start educating the public in first aid and CPR by seeing that YOU are educated in such matters yourself because rescuers aren't usually standing behind you when that happens either.

To summarize: If you wish to be safe you must protect yourself so let's make sure we are not denied our right to do so.

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