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October 16, 2008 - 12:00am
Richard Sutton by Richard Sutton


Lobbying results from the power that government wields. If the government is smaller there will be less meat to attract these flies.

There are essentially two reasons to engage in lobbying - greed and legislative self-defense.  In most cases lobbying is a combination of the two.

If the government does not have the power to affect so many aspects of our lives there will be far less reason to try to harness its power for your own special interests.

The most disturbing example of lobbying that I can think of is the when government lobbies government.  Everyone from Sarah Palin to the teachers unions has actively engaged lobbyists to win favor for their special interests.  The problem with that is that people who garner their living from the government will in many cases have a natural inclination to expand government or increase the costs of government as it would be good for they and their colleagues (pay raises for everyone! Oppose merit pay!).

Just because something can be done and looks like a good thing does not make it a good idea.  No matter how natural it may be I can think of few things more disturbingly ironic than government employees lobbying government.

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