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Marriage in Perspective

October 18, 2008 - 12:00am
Richard Sutton by Richard Sutton


Prop 102 is an attempt to constitutionally define what a marriage is but the history of the United States has something to tell us about allowing the government to decide the nature of Marriage.

Most Americans don't know that the American revolution occurred as a result of more than just taxation.

When a policy was applied to the colonies that stated that only a British official could perform a marriage the colonists were understandably upset.  This law implied that American officials and clergy were not good enough to officiate over weddings.  The colonists felt that this was not only insulting but also impractical as many people in remote areas lived days away from the nearest British official but lived relatively next door to their minister.

Whenever we let government decide what belongs between you and your clergy we diminish our churches and cultural institutions and allow those in power to decide who may marry.

In the past marriage licensing has been used by those in power to prevent mixed marriages among other things.  Licensing made it a simple matter to prevent, for example, a white person from marrying a black person - just deny them a marriage license.

Preventing marriage between consenting adults that have the blessing of their clergy is a deep offense against the free people of the U.S.

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