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Arizona's Governor Will Raise Taxes

March 23, 2009 - 2:08am
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


We often hear candidates claim they are running for elective office to provide more services while cutting taxes. The race for Arizona Governor in 2010 will be a chance for voters to use a two step technique to find out who will raise taxes regardless of their press releases. Liars beware!

Fast forward to Arizona's statewide 2010 primaries. The race for governor is hot and heavy. The Democrats must select from the likes of Phil Gordon, Terry Goddard and Jim Pederson.  Republicans have a slightly larger universe that includes Jan Brewer, John Shadegg, J.D. Hayworth, Dean Martin, Jeff Flake, Barry Goldwater Jr. and Karen Johnson.  Libertarians put forward Barry Hess as their candidate.

It seems likely that most of the Democrat and Republican Gubernatorial candidates want to raise taxes on business and wage earners in Arizona. Look at Phil "Green" Gordon and his wasteful $100,000,000 tax giveaway on City North while he proposed a sales tax increase. How about Jan "Denial" Brewer and her temporary $1,000,000,000 income tax increase. Jan, are you really proposing to raise taxes in the middle of a recession? 

Putting aside feelings, one way to discover who would raise taxes involves a couple of concepts that are highly correlated to politicians who propose and vote for tax increases.

1) CLASS WARFARE - Candidates who espouse class warfare arguments when asked about income "fairness" will be inclined to raise taxes.  A sample question would be: Ms. Brewer, with many Arizonans struggling to make ends meet, is it fair that wealthy speculators can purchase foreclosed properties so cheaply?

2)  COMMON GOOD - Ask each candidate if the proper role of government is to ensure the common good. Specifically, is government here to provide for those who can not provide for themselves. A yes answer indicates an inclination to increase taxes.  

Only a candidate who states that the proper role of government is to ensure individual rights not to pick winners and losers and rejects the "class warfare and common good" ideology would be likely to vote against all tax increases.

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