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Obama's VA Cuts - Part 2

March 26, 2009 - 9:26am
Nick Coons by Nick Coons


About a week and a half ago, I wrote an article entitled Obama Proposes to Cut VA Spending where some readers think that I suggested that the government should skip out on its obligations to take care of veterans. This is not the message I had intended to convey. But in spite of the fact that I suggested a non-coercive alternative, this fact was lost on some readers.

Let me first elaborate on the principle that I began in the last article that the general population, having no real say in the role of the military, has no obligation to fund promises that they didn't make (see Taxation Is Theft). The government made promises in the form of contracts and are morally obligated to those contracts. You and I didn't enter into any such agreement, and therefore have no such obligations.

So let me suggest another way that the government can fulfill its promises to veterans without stealing the money from the rest of us. If Tom buys something from Joe on credit, and later it's determined that Tom doesn't have the funds to pay his debt, the correct course of action is for Tom to sell off his assets to make good on his promise to pay. The federal government should do the same thing.

First, like any other bankrupt entity (who in this case collects the vast majority of its funds through coersion instead of voluntary means like the rest of us must do), the federal government should stop entering in to new promises to fund anything. Tom, being in debt to Joe and unable to pay, has no business going out and making other agreements that he cannot honor. The second step, now that the hole in the boat has been plugged, would be to sell off assets. The federal government has trillions of dollars in assets in the form of land. These assets should be sold so the government can make good on its various debts, and not be allowed to continue plummeting further down the hole.


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