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TFS (Part 7) - Wrapping It Up

April 9, 2009 - 5:06pm
Nick Coons by Nick Coons


There are of course other services that government provides that in most of history have never been funded through any means other than taxes, such as civil courts. Ayn Rand suggested that this could be handled through contract insurance, such that each party entering into a contract could opt to pay into an insurance pool as a means of protecting their interests. She further suggested that, because of the hundreds of thousands of such exchanges occurring daily, these premiums may actually fund all necessary functions of government.

It's important to keep one thing in mind.  We are not a free society.  None of the suggestions provided here will work adequately until we are.  Rand went on to say, "Any program of voluntary government financing is the last, not the first, step on the road to a free society - the last, not the first, reform to advocate.  It would work only when the basic principles and institutions of a free society have been established.  It would not work today."

While it's fun and perhaps intellectually stimulating to conjure up ways in which government can provide for the protection of individual rights without taxation, at this point it is nothing more than that.  The focus must remain on working towards a free society.

A person who has never seen an automobile may be baffled wondering how it is possible for one person to control the steering wheel, the brake, and the accelerator all while avoiding a collision with other drivers who are focusing their attention on doing the same thing.  But for the rest of us that know what an automobile is and how to operate it, the procedures become second-nature.  We don't have to consciously think about every hand and foot movement.

As we work toward a free society, as we become more accustomed to being responsible for the consequences of our own actions, whether good or bad, of helping those in need because we want to and not because we are forced to, and we realize that the quality of our lives is directly related to the benefit that others receive through our productive efforts, the solutions to such problems will become more obvious -- Just as a red traffic signal triggers an automatic response to slow to a safe stop.

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