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President Obama is a Serial Apologist for Bush's Torture Policy

April 30, 2009 - 6:58pm
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


Conservatives who support Bush's torture directive spoil America's commitment to the rule of law. Liberals who applaud Obama's worldwide mea culpa disrespect those American's who have died supporting it.

Let me be blunt I detest politicians who disrespect America.  As a young boy, I read with enthusiasm about the formation of our country, the founding fathers and those who fought for and died for independence.  I cherish freedom and people who insist on expanding individual liberty.  The revolution should have been the start, not the end of a great worldwide freedom movement that recognized each of us as individuals with unalienable rights.  What a wonderful system, each citizen exercising responsibility for their own actions.  Unfortunately, the Washington based ruling class of liberals and conservatives are two sides of the same coin.  It's all about authoritarian control.  When there is a "crisis", the response isn’t to look towards us for a solution; instead it’s always about additional control on us.  Protection from terrorists, illegal immigrants, swine flu and economic uncertainty means surrendering our rights.  Next time you are asked about the economic crisis, terrorism, bailouts, gun control, etc., answer in a loud and stern tone "my freedoms are not for sale".

Self described neo-conservatives who blindly supported Bush's war on terror have reduced our freedom and security.  Look no further than domestic wire taping, e-mail filtering and our never ending orange terror level.  In 2002 President George Bush declared we would not extend Geneva Convention rules to Taliban and al-Qaida prisoners.  Due to the classified nature of the CIA torture interrogations the only real objections came from military lawyers.  These officers are true American heroes who deserve credit for their wiliness to take on the commander in chief.

Torture techniques approved by George Bush were revealed by Barack Obama.  Conservatives expressed outrage mainly because it made Bush look bad.  Excuse me, but President Bush made America look bad by using the same techniques on potential terrorists as they might use on us, thereby failing to understand why the founding fathers fought and died for this country.

Liberals like President Obama believe they can talk to communist thugs and make them see the error in their ways.  Perhaps, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez just need a hug.  While in France Obama proclaimed that America had become a country full of bullies who failed to understand how this affected the rest of the world.  In Turkey he spoke about how America weakened the foundation between the two countries.  Does Obama really believe what he is saying or is it part of an arrogant air that surround the White House?  The tried and true liberal philosophy that we (the rulers) know what’s best for you is a failure. Obama is trying to "make his bones" by burying Bush and America.  This High School mentality shows true insight into a man’s character.  A president that truly understood what America represented would not have to apologize or bury anyone.

America needs a 2010 - 2014 "clean house" revolution.  A movement to throw the president out with every member of congress, regardless of redeeming qualities.  Congress must understand they work for us.  They must understand their jobs are not guaranteed.  This is the single most effective way to announce we are once again the gleaming land of liberty, hope and freedom.

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