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Government Doesn't Invest, They Waste

June 9, 2009 - 3:05am
Nick Coons by Nick Coons


There's a lot of talk recently about the government investing. President Obama says he's going to invest in the economy. My opponent, Congressman Mitchell, is talking about investing in education. But there's one big problem with all this talk about investment -- Government doesn't invest.

"Investing" is putting money into an enterprise with the expectation of profits.  If the government is going to invest our money, shouldn't they be putting it into something that is going to make us some money?  Since it is, after all, our money that they're investing.  You'd think that if they really had our best interests in mind, they'd be buying Google or McDonald's.  But instead they're buying GM and AIG.

About six months ago, the Obama administration "invested" $20 billion into GM to prevent them from going into bankruptcy.  Now, they're going into bankruptcy anyway.  But us free-marketeers have been predicting this.  And if they had listened to us, GM could have declared bankruptcy $20 billion ago.  What's their response?  Obama wants to sink $30 billion more into GM.  How could anyone even dare to call this an investment?

"Invest" is simply the new term for "we're going to spend your money."  Don't be fooled into thinking that politicians have either the incentive or the ability to invest tax dollars.

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