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Shame on you America, Freedom Comes With a Cost!

June 11, 2009 - 3:45am
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


The land of the free morphed into the land of free ranging sheeple without a whimper. There is a solution but it demands that you stop rearranging your sock drawer.

The rule of law has been eviscerated with blinding speed by the Obama administration, resulting in the nationalization of major American corporations like General Motors, and Citigroup. You could argue that 20th century progressive politicians have moved us away from individual rights towards collectivism. There has always been a fight between those who want to control and those who just want to be left alone. A weak federal government meant states competed for you and your business. When New York passed onerous legislation during the 1950’s, enterprising people left for Florida setting up new businesses and hiring workers. States that attract these entrepreneurs are rewarded much like any successful business. The losing states have an opportunity to change their misguided ways or continue to lose people and business.

As the federal government grew, it marginalized differences between the states in order to ensure "fairness". In reality it rewards states for failure. Look at California’s 25 billion dollar deficit that will require federal guarantees on general obligation bonds. Who pays for California’s failure? You do. It doesn’t matter where you live, the separation of power vested in three constitutional branches executive, legislative and judicial (aka: Moe, Larry and Curly) are one in the same. Instead of checks and balances we have idiotic rulings that use the commerce clause to regulate how much wheat a farmer can grow because the federal government wants to increases wheat prices during a depression.

The solution is to remove each and every member of Congress. You must be willing to let go of your favorite pork laden program along with your bloated congressman. Relieve yourself of the shameful Republican or Democrat label and stand with common sense Americans who believe in liberty and responsibility. Support solid Libertarian candidates. If the race is not contested or has only Tweedle D and Tweedle R, don’t vote. Overcome your conditioning and indoctrination that voting is a noble endeavor. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

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