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Chris Matthews an American Idiot?

July 2, 2009 - 6:43am
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


Chris Matthews is a shill for the administration. He favors state control over individual choice and thereby fails to understand his immoral position.

Chris Matthews, like many in the "established" media believes he knows what health care system is best for the great unwashed American masses.  Statist media types repudiate individual choice preferring to hob knob with the Washington power structure, also known as our elected representatives, acting as a third political party.  This unelected group has both liberal and conservative demagogues.  News reporting and investigative journalism have been supplanted with a desire for unlimited access to power and the ability to push a political agenda.

Matthews is no different.  He was on MSNBC (the great bastion of political trash talk) commenting on nationalized health care.  Matthews insisted that anyone opposed to Obama's plan is some type of right wing extremist.  Damn the torpedoes it does not matter what the costs are, we need to move forward because it is the American thing to do. Most of the other round table commentators went right along with his outburst.

Matthews and his statist friends don't care or understand that morality encompasses the concept of self-ownership and non-aggression.  It is morally wrong to enslave someone into any scheme.  It does not matter if the scheme is run by an individual, business or government.  Health care is fundamental to our very brief existence. To own yourself means that decisions you make affect how much time you have left for other activities.  No one can morally force you to act against your own best interests, otherwise we are not equal with one person becoming the slave while the other is the master.  Likewise, you can not force someone else to act as you wish, no matter how "good" the outcome.  Each of us must take responsibility for our own actions.  We must place the highest priority on letting people solve their own problems according to each person's best interests and values.

Consider that if reject Matthews and the putrid national media, real solutions would then be discussed.  The first step in maximizing freedom, production, wealth and of course health care is to ignore the snake oil salesman.

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