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Question Obama's Citizenship - Go Straight to Bellevue

August 6, 2009 - 9:56am
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


I initially couldn't figure out what the fuss was over President Obama's citizenship. Being a constitutional requirement, someone must have verified that candidate Obama was a natural born citizen. Wouldn't this be the first check done by the FBI or some other three letter federal agency? When I hire an employee there are a series of steps to verify eligibility with potential criminal penalties for failing to comply. So, why is the "mainstream" media ridiculing anyone who asks this important question?

President Obama may or may not be a United States Citizen. I have searched for an official Kapiolani Women and Children's hospital record and long form Hawaii Certified Birth Certificate without success. Perhaps the president is protecting his privacy rights. I can't fault him for that but knowing his policy of maximizing government intrusion into my personal life, this is probably not the case.

My first step was to properly understand presidential eligibility. The Constitution under Article II, Section I, details these requirements:

  1. Be a natural born citizen or citizen at the time of the Constitution's adoption.
  2. At the time of inauguration be least thirty-five years old.
  3. Reside for at least fourteen years in the United States.

Obama meets conditions 2 & 3 but what about condition 1?

If Obama was born in Hawaii then he meets all three conditions and the discussion is moot. If Obama was born overseas he has no legitimacy. Congress during the 1790's dealt with the question of natural citizenship and concluded that children of citizens born overseas shall be considered natural citizens of the United States provided that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United Stares. Obama's father was a citizen of Kenya and not a legal resident of the United States.

My second step was to examine Obama's short form birth certificate and compare it to my birth certificate and others in my family for possible clues. I am the same age as the president and should have a similar certified birth certificate. Unfortunately the president has not released the official long form which would have the doctor's name, signature and date. I found that no items really stand out and his short form information seems proper.

The president should release the long form certified birth certificate and the hospital record of birth. Every parent receives a letter from the hospital's birth recorder with enclosures. Essentially they are making sure the forms submitted to the state are correct and without omissions. The letter is signed and dated. Simply releasing this letter would verify delivery at the hospital on August 4th, 1961. 

The mainstream media with vast resources has not even followed my simple two step approach. Reporter's like MSNBC's David "bald spot" Schuster care more about image than the truth. Pawns like this guy are put in anchor positions because they are too stupid to consider both sides of an argument. They are puppets first with agendas trumping truth. It's about controlling what you hear and think and subsequently respond.

Consider that Wikipedia censors any reference to President Obama's eligibility and bans any user that mentions this issue. Why would a user edited online encyclopedia so heavily guard Obama's entry when similar entries for conservatives like Rush Limbaugh contain chapters called "Controversial Incidents"? Wikipedia has become the tool for those who want to control. The most effective way to control the citizen is through censorship. That's why the founders put the First Amendment in the #1 spot. Common decency would dictate that Wikipedia at least have a disclaimer like: "All the information our editors want you to know" or "We reserve the right to use the double standard".

George Orwell told you it was coming, now it's your turn to respond.

Obama's Birth Certificate

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