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Media Bias

August 27, 2009 - 6:35pm
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


The mainstream media believe that their mission is to work with those who "rule" us. The social contract is more than an abstract thought to these thought deprived journalists, instead it means that those who work hard must be forced to support those who do not. Just report the news, ask tough questions and leave me alone!

Here are some telling tidbits direct from the mainstream media about the passing of Senator Kennedy and the unique spin they casually put on someone's death.

Chris Matthews extolled the virtues of Senator Kennedy multiple times during his Wednesday show. His analogy to Senator Kennedy's work on health care and Barrack Obama as the "last brother" was pitched in a fervent tone. It had all the ceremony of a religious event.

NBC News, a division of General Electric which itself is a branch of the federal government devoted multiple stories to the possibility that Senator Kennedy's death would spur implementation of nationalized health care. Why not just honor the man thereby showing some decency?

Here is the transcript of an NBC reporter named Curry and Senator john McCain.

Curry - Well, one of the next battles before Congress, which is one that, what mattered really most to the Senator, is of course about health care reform. And you faced a lot of rancor, some anger yesterday at a town hall meeting. What do you say about this idea? Could, in fact, the death of Senator Kennedy be the catalyst that might spark the possibility that this actually might go somewhere, as it doesn't seem to be right now?

McCain - Well, it might, but you'd have to change the way that things have been done. And that is the fact that there's been no real negotiations. There had been a bill before the committee which I sit, the Health committee, and it was done by Democrats and no amendments were agreed to of any significance and so that's not the kind of negotiations that I did with Senator Kennedy on a number of issues.

Remember Cindy Sheehan's the Iraqi war veteran's mom who protested George Bush's policy in Iraq. She appeared at Martha's Vineyard this week to protest President Obama's Afghanistan expansion. Where was the press coverage?

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