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Illegal Immigration Solution

September 3, 2009 - 9:10am
Nick Coons by Nick Coons


Immigration has been a significant problem in the US for decades. Generally, the left argues that those entering illegally should be allowed to just stay, not understanding that those using taxpayer-funded programs are sucking the resources out of productive workers. Generally, the right argues that they don't oppose immigration, they just want people to enter legally, coming in through the "front door", as they say. The problems with the first argument are obvious. The problems with the second argument are naive, but less obvious, and they are my focus in this article.

Many people are unaware of how our immigration process works.  They believe that it's a matter of filling out some forms, going through a background check, and after some time, being issued a green card.  Given this misunderstanding, it's easy to see why they're frustrated with people circumventing the law.

In order to enter the US for the purposes of living here (that is, this doesn't include temporary visitors and tourists), you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have an immediate relative, such as a spouse or parent, who is a citizen who can sponsor you.
  • Have an employer sponsor you for a job, but only after going through a lengthy labor certification process whereby it must first be demonstrated that you are uniquely qualified for the position and the company could not find an American to do the job.
  • Be a researcher with international recognition in your field.
  • Be an "extraordinary" individual at the pinnacle of your field.
  • Apply for a job of "national interest."
  • Enter the "Green Card Lottery", whereby a small handful of applicants are chosen at random (not available to all foreigners).
  • Request political asylum, because the political system in your home country is so oppressive that you fear for your life.

The gist of the problem is this -- There is no legal way for the average non-American to enter the US in order to reside here.  There is no front door.

The solution is overwhelmingly simple, and two-fold -- Allow anyone who wants to move to the US to do so, but do not provide them with taxpayer benefits.  This policy will attract only those that want to work, to contribute, to better themselves; not those who want to live off the work of others.  America is a country of immigrants.  It is a place where individuals who want to work hard to improve the quality of their lives have the opportunity to do so.  This is a tradition that should be truly embraced.

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