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United States Government Prepares to Control the Internet via Senate Bill 773

September 3, 2009 - 7:26pm
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


Democrats wake up; you elected members of Congress like Jay Rockefeller, Senator from West Virginia who wants to shut down all private internet communication during an emergency. Emergency could mean anything the administration asserts, much like the re-definition of torture under the Bush administration. The very essence of a free society implies each individual has a natural right to peacefully express ideas without sanction.

The narcissistic ruling elites in Washington do not represent America, they represent corruption, loathe, ignorance and contempt for American Citizens. Wake up Democrats and Republicans it doesn't matter who is in office, liberty was fully hijacked by politicians after 9/11. Do you really think there is a difference between the Tweedledee or Tweedledum administrations? Just look at all the holdovers from Bush Part II that are serving under the Obama Part I. The colors may have changed but the lineup remains the same. It’s time to throw them all out.

The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 allows the president to declare an emergency and disconnect private computers from the internet based on National Security concerns. This act directly contradicts the country’s founding premise. Our greatest strength has been truth and equal treatment under the law. Justice is blind with the single purpose to defend individual rights against those that initiate force or commit fraud to strip you of said rights. It didn't matter if the aggressor has wealth, fame or is the state itself. It seems that under S.773 that only government sanctioned speech will be allowed during an emergency. Rights will yield to expediency much like the famous National Security Threat Levels which has been stuck at Orange (High) for years. There will always be the bad guy ready to strike our fragile internet.

The newly appointed FCC Chief Diversity Commissioner, Mark Lloyd believes that free speech is over rated. He is attempting to stop radio talk show hosts from expressing their opinions by requiring equal time for other ideas under the so called fairness doctrine.

So how does Congress gain authority to control the Internet? The Commerce clause of course! According to Senator Rockefeller he introduced this bill to ensure the free flow of data within the United States and with our global trading partners.

Senator Rockefeller, please explain the following clauses in your bill:

1) Directs the Secretary to develop or coordinate a national licensing, certification, and recertification program for cybersecurity professionals and makes it unlawful to provide certain cybersecurity services without being licensed and certified.

2) Grants the Secretary access to all relevant data concerning such networks notwithstanding any law or policy restricting access.

Did the 4th Amendment just get tossed or should I believe an Obama official who assured me that the nightly news will still be broadcasting.

Now I am worried.

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