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Obama Speaks to School Children

September 8, 2009 - 8:38am
Nick Coons by Nick Coons


President Obama is scheduled to speak to students today in the classroom, an event that has become highly controversial. The claim is that this is unprecedented and the president should not be involved in speaking to students wholesale, especially when it interrupts their school day. Is this really the reason? Do they not like what he has to say? Or do they just not like him?

Full disclosure here; I am no fan of Obama.  I disagree with virtually all of his positions, his methods, and his philosophy.  He is and will likely continue to be a bad president.

That being said, whether or not he should be speaking to students, I'm fairly indifferent.  So long as parents can decide that they don't want their children to watch the speech and keep their children at home, I don't see a real problem with it.

I read his planned speech, which is available on the Whitehouse website, and I am surprisingly impressed by its content.  He stresses that hard work is what it takes to achieve what you want out of life.  If I were to nitpick it, I might complain about the intent of the speech, that it references the concept of "duty to country" far too often, asking children "what will you do for your country?", and urging them to not let their country down.

While this may resonate with some, it doesn't with me.  People should pursue their own self interests because they will benefit, not because they should be altruistic towards 300 million others, as if their mere existence means that they somehow owe strangers the fruits of their labor.

Or I might say that this is a stunt to try and halt his falling popularity, which it may be.

As parents, you should read through the speech and decide whether or not you want your child to hear it, then act accordingly.

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