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President Obama's Health Care Reform Plan Hokey Pokey; You Put Your Leftist Leg In - You Take Your Leftist Leg Out

September 10, 2009 - 5:50pm
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


The president made health care reform his top domestic priority, incorrectly believing that the American electorate would embrace his single payer scheme. Upon discovering the strength of the opposition, President Obama's conviction on health care reform has abruptly changed turning absolute requirements into goals.

Health Care ReformSocialist supporters of massive health care changes have become disenfranchised as the president retreats from a universal single payer system covering virtually every American. Polling shows a majority of Americans do not favor a government run system. Fewer Americans want to give up their health care choice to mandates or a single payer plan. The White House has retooled their spin based on the results of focus marketing groups. Focus groups are skeptical of congressional plan H.R. 3200, believing it will ration health care.

Partly due to pressure from independent news outlets and internet blogs, President Obama back tracked during a speech, saying that the $900 billion plan isn't enough to guarantee every American access to affordable health care, Legislation will include an exemption freeing people from purchasing care that they can't shoulder. "You can't choose what you can't afford."

Perhaps Obama's biggest mistake was in underestimating the opposition. Initially the White house painted the "anti-reform" crowd as goons and crackpots working for big insurance and the Republican Party. The truth is these people are just fed up with a system that rewards loathe with their wallets. They dislike inside the beltway politics and long term incumbents. Obama also misjudged his election mandate. It wasn't about health care; it was elect anyone not associated with George Bush. Voters were sick of the neo-con led war.

President Obama now realizes a single payer system and mandates is DOA. Listen to his own words: "To my progressive friends, I would remind you that for decades, the driving idea behind reform has been to end insurance company abuses and make coverage affordable for those without it," he said. "The public option is only a means to that end, and we should remain open to other ideas that accomplish our ultimate goal."

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