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Risks and Opportunities

September 12, 2009 - 1:44pm
Richard Sutton by Richard Sutton


We recently received the comment that we, the hosts, are right wing extremists. That's interesting to me in that we are conservative in the belief that government should be small and the budget balanced but liberal in the sense that we wish everyone to enjoy freedom and opportunity.

I'll address this with some of my personal views.

I believe that if people do not have opportunities they will eventually take chances instead.  So I want people to have economic opportunity and other freedoms to the greatest extent possible - that's pretty left wing.  I even tend to drive with this idea in mind. 

I want everyone to keep more of what they earn.  That is an idea that should not be considered "right" or "left".

I believe that people can think and solve their own problems - even all of the helpless masses that supposedly exist but I have yet to meet (note that I have met alot of people in bad situations but none were ever helpless except possibly by their own belief so).  Obama (and conservative politicians are not innocent of this either) would apparently have you believe that everyone you do not know is a fool unable to care for themselves.

I believe that I am not an extremist in general.  I do not insist that people are wrong if they disagree with me I would only suggest that we disagree and that I will have to consider their statements at length.  Also some people act as if extremism is always a bad thing but I, for example, am extremely against killing people!

I like to discuss things with those who may disagree with me because to never risk being proven wrong will certainly end in 2 things:

1: You might be wrong.


2: If you are wrong you will stay that way.

I believe that I can help those I care about, or may otherwise find in need, far more effciently than a distant commitee and with greater accountability.  I further choose to often do so when I can.  I feel that it is not someone elses job to make the world a better place - it is mine by choice and I try to do so in my actions both great and small (mostly small as I am only human).  Is that "right" or "left", why should it be? and how do you choose?  I submit that it should be up to you. 

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