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The Problem and Solution to Health Care - Page 5

October 24, 2009 - 8:00am
Nick Coons by Nick Coons


Government is the cause of virtually every major problem in the health care industry. As shown on previous pages, each case of health care quality declining and prices increasing is attributed to a specific act or set of acts of government intervention. The solution, overall, is to roll-back the interventions. Areas of health care that are far less regulated, like laser eye surgery, continue to see innovations and falling prices, even while the rest of the industry's prices soar.

The end goal is to remove government involvement in health care totally. Likely, this will need to be accomplished in pieces. It might look like the following:

Abolish insurance company mandates. Allow insurance companies to offer their services a la carte, which will remove the requirement that consumers pay for coverage that they don't need or want. Allow consumers to purchase insurance from whomever they want (such as across state lines), which will increase competition.

Privatize the FDA, and make FDA certification voluntary. This already happens in the electronics industry. There are companies, such as Underwriters Laboratory, that provide certification to electronic devices to ensure that they are safe for use (poorly designed electronics that explode upon use can be just as damaging as poor health care, so this is an area of extreme importance). UL certification is voluntary, but manufacturers certify their products because major retailers have no interest in carrying uncertified products. Manufacturers pay UL for this process. But that doesn't mean UL will give their certification to just anyone. If they find that a product isn't genuinely safe, and they certify it anyway just to get paid, retailers will no longer trust the UL seal. So UL must be cautious of where they put their seal. A private FDA could function exactly the same way, and reduce the price of drugs by up to 85%.

Allow individuals to deduct all of their medical expenses, just as businesses do. This is a no-brainer.

Loosen or eliminate licensing restrictions for providers. Just as you do your research before choosing an auto mechanic, or any other provider, so would be the case with a health care provider. There is no need to artificially restrict the supply of providers, which necessarily raises costs, when people can use consumer reports, private certifications, referrals from friends, or any number of resources in order to find a qualified provider.

And lastly, charities can and will take care of those in need (12). It should be noted that the number of people unable to afford health care would plummet once the above measures were put into place. It should also be noted that there are no perfect systems where zero people will fall through the cracks, as demonstrated in previous pages. A free market system will allow the most people to receive care, and it's completely moral in that it doesn't put any individual's burden on any other individual without their voluntary consent.

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