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Parasites and Producers

October 22, 2009 - 7:30pm
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


Much has been written about parasites and producers by socialists and conservatives. In both cases their interpretation of these terms as applied to business and individuals is wrong. Libertarians have a different perspective.

A "Parasite" is an organism that benefits at the expense of a host. A "Producer" is an entity that manufactures, creates or finances something from raw components.

Socialists talk about production in term of wage-workers who sacrifice their commodity (labor) to an employer. This conversion of a labor commodity into a service reduces its value according to the socialist. This belief results in the conclusion that the businessman is a parasite who exploits the worker by stealing their production.

Modern conservatives rant against unions and workers who collectively bargain for a wage. They believe that the unions parasitically drain business until it is no longer capable of production. Conservatives espouse freedom but are willing to allow government to order striking workers back to the job, clearly limiting freedom.

A Libertarian views the parasite as anyone using government in a way which gains some advantage. Contracts between willing parties should not be subject to government whim. Marx had it wrong when describing the conversion of production into a wage just as George Bush had it wrong with import tariffs which limited useful production by increasing price.

The Following Are Parasitic:

  • Government interference with free market contracts.
  • Unions that use government to restrict free employment.
  • Business that supports tariffs.
  • Political activity that favors one group or individual at the expense of another.

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