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Supporting Clean Elections and Empowering Corrupt Politicians

November 12, 2009 - 7:13pm
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


I'll confess, I don't like politicians, especially those thugs that steal, lie and act like they are doing me a favor. So, it makes absolutely no sense to support a program that rewards behavior most Americans find appalling.

Using taxpayer money to support any politician makes no sense. Clean elections proponents argue that this money does not come from general revenues. Does this matter to the poor sap footing the bill? No, of course not, it’s still a tax regardless of where it comes from. The simplistic “sin” tax argument treats us like we are 12 year olds too stupid to figure out this political scam.

Where does the Arizona Clean Elections Commission get their Funding?

1) 10% surcharge on all civil penalties and criminal fines
2) Voluntary $5 check-off box on Arizona state income tax return forms.
3) Voluntary dollar for dollar tax credit on donations of up to $640 or 20% state income tax amount whichever is greater.
4) Civil penalties paid by candidates.
5) $5 qualifying contributions collected from participating candidates.

2010 Calendar Year Funding Projections

1) Court Assessments (53%)
2) Tax Check-Off/Tax Credit (47%)
3) $5 Qualifying Contribution (.05%)
4) Other (including Commission Assessments) (.05%)


1) Clean Election candidates favor larger government expenditures.
2) Clean Elections candidates statistically represent the two major parties.
3) Ballot status of all third parties is jeopardized by Clean Elections.
4) Government exerts direct control over the context and content of participating candidates. A participating candidate has taken government money and agreed to an election contract.
5) Unelected government bureaucrats have removed elected representatives from office for accounting mistakes.
6) Clean Election Commissions have tried to enforce rules on non participating candidates including additional subsidies to participating candidates.

It’s time to put this creature back into the dark lagoon.

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