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The Republican Party Fails to Embrace the Paradigm Shift

June 14, 2012 - 5:18pm
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


Ron Paul has presented the Libertarian Party with a gift, so large, that it is a once in a lifetime present. A paradigm shift so dramatic that the Grand Old Party (GOP) will fade into history. Collect some GOP memorabilia now before it is all gone. The Grand Old Party (GOP) is old and ready for retirement.

Independents will vote for 2012 Libertarian Candidates more so than anytime in the party’s short history. This will directly benefit the Libertarian Party through increased primary participation translating into general election success.

Why is this happening? The simple answer is the dramatic shift away from the political establishment which started in 2008 and has accelerated in 2012. Some call it the “Ron Paul Revolution”. This is partially true but fails to fully acknowledge the disgust with politics and the self-serving interests of establishment politicians, Deals are cut which benefit special interest while screwing everyone else. Ron Paul has been in Washington for many years but in 2008 his message caught fire. He takes advantage of this shift and says enough business as usual, I am going to challenge the GOP establishment. At first the GOP ignores Dr. Paul, later they feel uneasy with his message and try to exclude him from the debate, eventually they attack the messenger while not realizing it’s a paradigm shift. It’s the message stupid not the messenger. There are two choices, adopt the message or fight the message. The GOP tries fighting the message by infiltrating Tea Party groups and working a backroom deal to get Rand Paul to endorse Mitt Romney. This was a critical mistake; they separated the message from the messenger allowing someone else to run with it. Like Lady Liberty, Gov. Gary Johnson picked up the torch, left the GOP for the Libertarian Party and now is the messenger. Like a Field of Dreams if you build it they will come and sure enough data shows voters leaving the GOP for the Libertarian Party. The same argument can be made with the Democrat Party on social issues but it is occurring at a slower pace.

In Oklahoma the Republican Party felt internal convention control shift away from the entrenched establishment to a new "LIBERTARIAN" wing of the party. The GOP establishment changed rules ad hoc to prevent Ron Paul delegates from being seated. Now the Oklahoma GOP is being sued by its own membership. Voters are leaving the Oklahoma Republican Party for the Libertarian Party. Many state Republican delegations are seeing similar problems.

In Arizona, the Republican Party has implemented a scheme that is trying to remove Libertarian candidates via court action. The Arizona GOP is fearful these Libertarian candidates will draw votes away from the Republican candidates including Mitt Romney. Of course this ignores the paradigm shift but that’s how fossils are made.

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