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The Final Presidential Debate Effects the 2012 Presidential Election Results

October 23, 2012 - 2:40pm
Jim Iannuzo by Jim Iannuzo


The final presidential debate will occur in Chicago on Tuesday, October 23rd at 9pm EST highlighting stark differences in message and principle, between Libertarian Gary Johnson, Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. This debate includes Jill Stein Green Party, Virgil Goode Constitution Party and Rocky Anderson Justice Party.

Tonight's debate at the Hilton Chicago, moderated by former CNN newsman Larry King is sponsored by the nonprofit Free & Equal Elections organization and televised on CSPAN, Al Jazeera and RT. Internet streams are available as it happens on Link TV. Major networks including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN and MSNBC have decided not to carry the event as it would interfere with the two party system. Even more disturbing is a comment from RT (Russia Today) that it was a "no brainer" decision to cover tonight's debate as it provides Americans additional voting choices. In no uncertain words, RT is saying there is entrenched media Bias at the Major American Networks. These media guys are protecting their access to power at the expense of the voter. Limiting information, they attempt to march voters into the polling place and have them pull the pre-ordained lever. Acting like any good old crony capitalist, the major media networks have picked sides hoping their guy wins, so a cornucopia of favor is reaped.

As a supporter of free markets, I say we need to understand their method of operation and filter it for the little value provided. There are plenty of other news sources, so become a complete thinker with an open ear. When someone says you have choice A or B ask about C, D and E. Challenge the question. Isn't it funny how the post debate focus groups never include anyone who supports a third party candidate. It's not by accident.

The Partisan Recidivist Commission on Presidential Debates has a pattern of excluding all but the Republican and Democrat Party candidates. This comes as no surprise as this commission was setup to protect the two party system. Many voters want additional candidates included into the presidential debates. If a candidate appears on enough state ballots to be elected president, they should be part of the debate. A voter interviewed for this report said, "We want to hear other people interviewed for the most important job in America, it seems as my choices are between bad and worse. I am an independent and neither the Republicans or Democrats share my values." This point correlates with the increase in independent voters across America who reject the two party system.

The final debate will include topics not addressed by Obama and Romney including civil rights, drug war, property rights and the environment. I don't expect the nonsense, talking points and personal attacks from the Obama vs. Romney debates. Instead, these candidates are worth a serious listen and should provide valuable insight into many of our problems.

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