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The Perils of Success

September 22, 2009
 by The Angry American


America has long been a place that could accomplish anything it set out to do. So what happens when we view our prosperity through the lens of Socialism and subsequently become ashamed of it? What happens when we decide to change?

America was once seen as a place where anything could be achieved. Americans could do anything they decided to do, and did it spectacularly well.

Now our economy is crumbling, our industries collapsing, our institutions corrupted. It seems like America is on the ropes as media pundits trumpet the imminent demise of Capitalism. Now our country is failing. How? Why?

It's because at some point, many decades ago, we became embarrassed and ashamed of our success while other nations taking a Socialist or dictatorial path struggled or failed. We decided that wasn't fair, and out of misguided humility we decided to fail, too.

We're failing because Americans achieve whatever we put our minds to, and we do it spectacularly well.

We are also the ultimate comeback-from-the-brink fighters. To do this, however, we must first decide to succeed. The surge and outcry rising from crowded town halls and legions at tea party protests yearning to be free are encouraging signs. America still has a spark of life, of fight, of do-or-die spirit burning bright in its heart. We will not lie down and be slaves to anyone, be they King, Congressman, or philosopher.

These are only good signs, but how will we know when the tide has turned, when we can begin the road to rebuilding our sovereignty, our liberty, our American ideals?

When the corruption is rooted out. When the double dealing, the liars, and the evil are shown the door. When those who trade our liberty as a commodity to buy their own comfort are scourged from the halls of government, and men and women of honor and integrity take their rightful place of trust.

The truth shall set you free.

Come next election, let us all speak the truth together, as one voice for all the world to hear. No allegiance to a party, no selling out to special interest, no accepting promises to do better next time. Cast out the corrupt and dishonest. Vote in those that have demonstrated integrity and a commitment to personal liberty and responsibility.

Vote truth over party, and we will once again inspire the world by being the place where anything can be achieved.

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