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The True Meaning of Easter

March 31, 2010
 by Mike Renzulli


The true meaning of Easter is one of embracing reason and pride while, simultaneously, rejecting philosophies that condemn your existence.

The holiday of Easter is taken from the early Anglo-Saxon pagan goddess Eostre. She was the mother goddess of Saxon pagans whose symbol was the rabbit which represented spring and fertility. 

Additionally, the month of April was set aside by many ancient peoples in order to celebrate spring which is a time of renewal and rebirth.

Another symbol used by ancient pagans to celebrate Eostre's holiday was done with bright colored painted eggs. They symbolized new life in the form of fertility and the blooming flowers of spring in which people gladly exchanged painted eggs and flowers with each other.

A Greek tale of the goddess Persephone, discusses her return from the underworld to the light of day after being abducted by the god Hades from her mother, Demeter.

Persephone's return was symbolic to the ancient Greeks that the resurrection of life in spring took place after the desolation of winter.

The story of Persephone is certainly one legend Christians might have borrowed from for their resurrection tale when the story of Jesus was written.

What is unique about the tale of Jesus's rise from the dead is that it takes place on a different date each year. This is due to it taking place, not only during the spring equinox, but also on the first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring.

The holiday Easter is taken from the ancient pagan cults and it was just as common for pagans to celebrate the Spring equinox just like they commemorated the Winter solstice.

Yet it is during April when Christians, who adopted Easter and most of its pagan traditions as their holiday, are reminded of the glory of sacrifice and suffering of their savior, Jesus.

According to the myth attributed to him, Jesus was crucified, died and then rose from the dead in order to to cleanse mankind of sin. Religious clergy continue to remind their flock of this and that we should emulate their messiah's example.

Christian clergy continuously reverberate the same mantra that it is only when one sacrifices in this life to another that one will, upon death, reach their spiritual paradise (heaven). Only then will they know their diety's glory and attain full salvation.

Despite being an atheist, I still continue to celebrate Easter. Not to celebrate the resurrection of any god or conduct any sacrifice, but to commemorate my rational mind that I use to further my life and happiness. I am proud of the work I do, wealth I accumulate, and life I live.

You should be proud too.

At the same time, you should reject philosophies that place sacrifice, human suffering as the standard of values since they condemn you and others to a life of self-destruction and misery.

I gladly buy chocolate bunnies, candy eggs and cards as a non-sacrificial, egotistical expression of my gratitude toward those I love and am friends with while celebrating the selfish-driven life I lead.

It is the entrepreneurs, creators and men and women of initiative whom I celebrate. Especially during holidays, since they are the ones who make the commercialism and abundance during holidays, like Easter, possible.

Let Easter and spring come to symbolize a time of rebirth for you by rejecting religious, altruistic notions of considering people like you as a means to an end and, instead, embrace a life of reason, happiness and freedom.

Happy Easter!

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User Comments:
Frank Williamson, on 4/04/2010 at 4:47pm, said:

It began as far back as the byzantine mystery religion...a festival for the goddess of fertility...in the roman empire, she was ishtar.

Christians had nothing to do with it...the fledgeling pagan catholic church (which now is the continuation of the roman pagan religion) took ishtar (easter) along with mithra (christmas) and lent (the lAMent for tammuz) all pagan have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the living God, Christ's birth or death or ressurection and placated the christians of the day.

When the daughters (protestant churches) of the whore were created, they went along with the paganism turned "christian" holidays. WHY?


plgqkv, on 4/14/2010 at 1:32am, said:

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Chad Ressler, on 12/13/2011 at 3:10pm, said:

"Christian clergy continuously reverberate the same mantra that it is only when one sacrifices in this life to another that one will, upon death, reach their spiritual paradise (heaven)"

That is not true at all. While the Catholic Church does mix faith + works that is wrong. No orthodox Christian theologian would ever utter that statement or teach it. I don't care if someone disagrees with Christianity, that is fine, but please represent it correctly. What Christianity teaches is that those who put their faith and trust in Christ for the forgiveness of sins will go to heaven upon death. Now, suffering for others, sacrifice, etc. can follow conversion and that is the evidence sometimes of certain people's faith. If you want to represent what Christianity teaches a few great individuals to read are: Wayne Grudem, James R. White (www.aomin.org), John Piper, Greg Bahnsen, John Frame.

Nataly, on 8/22/2012 at 7:34pm, said:

i know what your saying makes a lot of sense but also from other sites i have been to they have told me there are some ppoele with .gifts who can be characterized as a pagan, witch, ect. So i think they were just wondering if they can be a witch by birth rather then just deciding to try it. And i'm guilty of asking the very question you have accused of ppoele messaging. So i guess my real question is if certain abilities you have, can they also characterize you as a witch even when you had not made the choice follow the religion or whatever you could call witchcraft?[] Reply:April 5th, 2011 at 8:14 amSydne,You should not feel like you are not Pagan simply because you don't have a gift (i.e. psychic abilities, etc). I myself have no gifts as such but still identify as Pagan. On the other hand, some ppoele who do have these gifts are not Pagan (for example, I don't believe Lisa Williams identifies as Pagan yet she has some incredible abilities).People can become Witches, or they can be born Witches whether you're one or the other makes no iota of difference to the person's credibility or ability to follow this path. Following this Path, or any Path, for that matter, comes down to a personal choice.[]

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