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National ID and Personal Privacy

April 7, 2010
 by Austin Raynor


Central to a new immigration bill is a national ID proposal, which, if instituted, would undermine personal liberty and expand government surveillance abilities.

With the stated intent of combating illegal immigration, Senators Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) are crafting new legislation to institute a national identification card. The card would be required in order to be eligible for employment, and would in turn enable employers to identify and reject illegal immigrants who are seeking work.

The card would be biometric, i.e., containing identifying characteristics unique to the physiology of the cardholder. In this case the biometrics would most likely be comprised of either a fingerprint or a scan of the veins on the back of the hand. This is not the first time a biometric card has been proposed: in the wake of 9-11, there was a strong push for a national ID card on the basis of national security.

Schumer and Graham claim that the institution of a national ID would not be accompanied by the creation of a complementary database; however, no national identification system has ever operated independently of a database. It would be impossible to run a national ID system without a corresponding database available for purposes of verification.

Thus, although the card would initially include only biometric and citizenship data, such a national ID system would be the backbone of a virtually limitless government-run database comprised of citizens’ personal information. Networked with other sources of government information, a national ID system would allow the government to create expansive personal profiles of every individual in the United States.

The appeal of the national ID card, apart from its supposed efficacy in excluding illegal immigrants from the workforce, is that it provides an efficient means of identification and simplifies processes requiring identification. The ID card, for instance, could potentially be used at borders, in security clearance checks, and in streamlining government distribution of entitlements.

But there is little reason to believe that a national ID system, once instituted, would be confined to these original functions. It is far more likely that the national ID would come to serve, as the ACLU has argued, as an “internal passport,” allowing government to track law-abiding citizens as they go about their daily business. It is plausible, even, that the national ID could eventually supplant all other forms of identification and be employed in virtually every transaction.

Under such a scenario, whenever you make a purchase, you swipe your national ID card for verification. To check out a book at the library you use your ID card. To swipe into your office, or even your home, you simply use your ID card. At toll booths, you swipe your ID card. In the name of security and efficiency, the ID card could be employed as a means of identity verification in virtually every situation the individual takes part in throughout an average day.

As the proprietor of the card, the government would have access to this data and funnel it into its ever-expanding database. The government would then have an extensive record of countless transactions in which the average American engages. In short, the national ID and its corresponding database would form the backbone of a totalitarian surveillance state.

The card is a gateway to East German-style monitoring of individuals’ personal lives. Every act would be subject to governmental scrutiny. Many aspects of personal liberty have not heretofore been legislated simply because relevant laws would be unenforceable. But if the government were endowed with complete surveillance power, every facet of human life would be opened up to regulation and intrusion.

As has been the case in the past concerning national ID legislation, the issue here concerns the competing interests of privacy and law enforcement. The question of properly balancing these has posed a perpetual problem for a country committed to the safety and freedom of its people.

The real problem, however, arises when methods adopted for the purposes of law enforcement are instead appropriated in the employment of less savory programs. Creating political structures that endow leaders with vast control over the personal lives of citizens is to invite abuse: leaders with no scruples concerning personal liberty have no qualms employing government power to oppress the people.

What is important, then, in cases involving security and the collection of personal data (similar observations apply to wiretapping) is to maintain due process of law. The avenues of information available to government must be tightly controlled and subject to strict judicial scrutiny. In most cases this takes the form of warrants.

A warrant strikes a balance between liberty and security: it typically allows the government access to information, but does so only after forcing it to submit to procedural safeguards and the objective evaluation of a judge.

The problem with a national ID card and a federal database is that there are no procedural safeguards. In other areas these procedural safeguards have been eroded (for instance, by the Patriot Act), but with a national database no such safeguards would exist from the start. The government does not need a warrant to access its own database.

The power to track every citizen and monitor his daily behavior is a power that could not wisely be trusted to any individual. Even socialist England has rejected a national ID, largely on the basis of privacy concerns. The goal of law enforcement is certainly admirable. But the potential benefits of a national ID pale in comparison to the abuses possible at the hands of a government with unchecked surveillance powers.

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User Comments:
Marc, on 4/08/2010 at 10:16pm, said:

Idiotic comment... The whole of Europe (except UK) ha a national ID and it doesn't seem to me European states like Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden etc are totalitarian.

Regina, on 4/08/2010 at 11:13pm, said:

Marc: The European states you named are not totalitarian. But with this kind of tracking, with our multitude of crackpot extremists, the US would quickly become totalitarian. The dangers far exceed the benefits.

Guy Herbert (General Secretary, NO2ID), on 4/08/2010 at 11:32pm, said:

Marc: The whole of Europe doesn't. European systems vary. Denmark doesn't have an ID card, though it does have a population register. Ireland doesn't have either. The French ID card is a bit of card and it is voluntary.

Regina: Many European countries, while not totalitarian in the brutal dictatorship sense, do have massively more intrusive government than US citizens are used to. Most of their ID systems are successors to ones established under fascist or communist domination.

If you want an example of the tools of the totalitarian state being developed in plain sight in a "free country" then look at what is going on in the UK. See www.no2id.net

The UK scheme is being pushed on the same populist basis of immigration control, all other arguments having failed.

Nick Coons, on 4/09/2010 at 9:42am, said:

While I agree with the overall sentiment of the article, I feel the need to pick a few nits, because that's just what I do :-).

Judges are not objective, they are not third parties. They are a part of the same government that has an interest in obtaining a warrant so there's no reason to believe that they aren't biased when issuing warrants.

There is no balance between liberty and security. That statement identifies liberty and security as being on opposite sides of a spectrum, when in fact there's a rather direct correlation that when liberty increases, so does security. And it's important to keep in mind that one's security involves protection from government as well as other threats. Given that governments have killed more people worldwide than all non-government murderers combined, security from government should be the first target.

Liberty Beat, on 4/09/2010 at 1:15pm, said:

One safeguard against government excesses built into the American system is the federalism - a federal/state rivalry. A national ID tampers with this structure and shifts greater power to the central government.

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Steve, on 4/10/2010 at 12:32pm, said:

Yes, oh yes let's give total control to the government.

Ralph , on 4/12/2010 at 7:58pm, said:

To Marc and others. It is the normal ploy of the resistant to attack the messenger if they do not agree with the message.

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Barbara Haas, on 4/15/2010 at 12:04pm, said:

If those two ***holes want to live in a government controlled country I encourage them to give up their US citizenship and move, before they do more damage to our constitution.

jbakerjonathan, on 4/16/2010 at 8:24am, said:

I think that Nick Coons has made very important observations: that “governments” have destroyed more lives than all non-government murders, combined; that we are secure when we have protection from government; that our first goal should be protection from government.

Another good point that he makes is that judges are not objective, being part of government. Look at how judges enforce “non-law” tax code of the IRS, supporting the IRS as it crushes those who do not “voluntarily” pay an income tax. Or how the Supreme Court stopped the Florida recount and caused Bush to be declared the winner, prematurely, when, as we now know, completion of the counting would have shown Gore the winner had the court not interfered.

We should be extremely wary when government declares that it is necessary to give up freedom for the sake of security. By its very nature, government demands the power to control, so that it can bring order to society. It is imperative that sovereign people not give up their liberties too readily lest they become completely controlled by the government they have created. One only has to look at communist China, fascist Italy, Nazi Germany or communist Russia (USSR), to see examples of governments that trampled the sovereign rights of its peoples.

Already we are sliding down the slippery slope toward total control by our government. The Patriot Act tramples our sovereignty with its authorization of warrantless searches of citizens’ homes and businesses, telephone, email and financial records. The extrajudicial murder of American citizens abroad when specifically authorized – rather than being brought to trial in an American court, where proof of a crime must be shown, is another example. The Federal Reserve spends taxpayer money without our knowing any of the details of where the money is spent, this with the authorization of government.

The momentum toward total control is increasing. We can continue to play fat, dumb and happy or we can support political candidates who want to change the direction in which we are headed. Let us not forget that we created government to serve us, not so that we serve the government. We are sovereign individuals. Let us remain so.

earl, on 4/23/2010 at 6:12pm, said:

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cynthia Itambo, on 6/13/2012 at 4:41am, said:

James Leonard Park, on 7/25/2012 at 3:55am, said:

Yes, any such efforts should be restrained to prevent excesses as noted. The enabling legislation could define exactly what data would be collected into the database and what 'facts' would not be permitted. And each individual could check as frequently as he or she wished to see that no impermissible data has been included. Strict punishments should be imposed for each of the six possible violations of the National Identity Bureau: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~parkx032/NIB-PEN.html

James Leonard Park, on 7/25/2012 at 4:01am, said:

Here is the complete proposal for a National Identity Bureau: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~parkx032/CY-NID.html.
Are the safeguards included sufficient?
If not, what additional safeguards would protect our civil liberties?

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The Weaver family, owners of the Shady Maple businesses in East Earl, recently took over the Houston Run complex after purchasing it from Ann and Jonas Beiler.

The center's businesses and agencies have continued operating under the new owners, include the caf, which shares space with the Salisbury Township Library.

On a recent visit groups of diners were visiting, using computers and reading in the 4,300 square foot 98 seat restaurant at 835 Houston Run Drive, Suite 210.

The dcor, built around a stone fireplace with seating indoors and an outdoor patio, remains unchanged.

The menu, however, has expanded under Glick's direction.

A Ronks resident and mother of four, Glick has worked in the restaurant industry since she was 13.

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History of AND1 Shoes

And1 is a basketball apparel and shoe company which quickly became one of Nike and Adidas biggest competitors since its creation in. Loafers have maintained their popularity.

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The Fifth Agreement in Five Minutes or Less

I recently had a chance to interview Don Miguel Ruiz, one of the most famous and influential spiritual gurus in the world today. He is best known for a very powerful book, titled, The Four Agreements, and for his dedication to bringing Toltec Knowledge to the world. The Four Agreements has sold around 4 million copies, and now he recently completed with Air Jordan X 10 his Son, the Fifth Agreement.others say and do is a projection of their own reality.)This description merely scratches the surface of the themes of the Fifth Agreement.I was actually checking all the pages and videos attached to your blog. I am really amuse how you can help people to improve their selves or Air Jordan 1 for self growth. On Nike SB Ruckus Mid LR the video shown above, I really have to say that I like it. You mentioned about assumption. I just want to add. Most people really assume things like my brother do. Most of the time we quarrel cause he insist of his assumption. I will be sharing this link to him that way he can realize and learn from his mistakes.

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the final four Nike Free Mens has their Head of Household

"Big Brother 12" is now one step closer to the endgame. The Head of Household challenge is already over, and the winner is already declared. Who is it? Stop reading now unless you want to avoid potential spoilers.

As predicted in the recap earlier, Hayden had a lead going into the end of the show and he ended up winning it. This puts both Lane and Britney in trouble, since their alliance is perceived to be pretty Air Jordan 3.5 Spizike strong. Unfortunately for Brigade haters, this also means that Hayden (who is a decent challenge player) has a good chance at winning the whole thing.

At the end of the day, though, this week is all about the Power of Veto. Sweet Classic TXT PRLM The winner of it will ultimately have control over just about everything, so both Britney and Lane will have to play their hearts out if they want their alliance to stick around.

Also, get ready to watch Britney completely failing at this even though Enzo claims this was an even challenge, her small hands weren't exactly an asset here.

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Accessories And Shoes Auctioned Off In Paris PHOTOS

Star lots, which could end up fetching several times their estimates, included a 1935 haute couture sheath gown in fine black lace, its neckline embellished with a black silk bow estimated at euro3,000 euro3,500 and a 1929 afternoon dress in verdant leaf print, with a swingy jacket in emerald green estimated at euro4,000 euro5,000.

While the vintage pieces displayed on mannequins behind velvet ropes were off limits to the public, most of the lots could be handled, inspected and even tried on. A hoard of women of all ages some of them dressed in head to toe Chanel in a mark of brand loyalty swarmed the racks, shimmying into slightly too small jackets, swimming in oversized trenches, and sometimes, just sometimes, finding that perfect fit.

"This is my first time at an auction," said Francoise Brunet, a 65 year old Parisian who said her "life's dream" was to own a quilted Chanel handbag. "My kids gave me some money for Christmas, so here I am, to make that dream come true."

The bags she hoped to bid on are estimated at about euro200. New, they go for nearly euro2,000, she said.

It took assessor Francoise Sternbach Nike Free Shoes Mens a year and a half to assemble the 820 lots, which she acquired from more than 120 private sellers. Some of the vintage items were dug out of trunks or rescued from attics where they had languished for decades, she said, adding she hoped those lots would end up going to museums.

With bidders expected from across Europe and telephone bidders calling in from as far afield as Asia and the Americas, the rest of the garments [url=http://www.beyteer.com/mens-puma-future-cat-m1-sf-ferrari.html>Mens Puma Future Cat M1 SF Ferrari[/url] will likely get a chance to come back into fashion in the wardrobes of women from around the world.

"These are dresses which have lived during Mademoiselle Chanel's time, which went to the most famous parties, which were admired and worn by gorgeous women," said auctioneer Cornette de Saint Cyr. "And they will be worn [url=http://www.beyteer.com/mens-puma-yoyo.html>Mens Puma YOYO[/url] again by gorgeous women. That's what I want: For (the garments) to live again."

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ACCC clears Wesfarmers takeover of Pacific Brands workwear

The competition regulator has allowed Wesfarmers' takeover of Pacific Brands workwear division, which includes Hard Yakka, King Gee and Stubbies.

The $180 million deal was announced on August 26, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) green light comes the same week as Pacific Brands announced the sale of many of its iconic shoe labels.

"Industry feedback suggests that brand loyalty has diminished over recent years as customers become more focused on quality, price and service," [url=http://www.beyteer.com/mens-puma-soccer-shoes.html>Mens Puma Soccer shoes[/url] said the commission's chairman Rod Sims.

The ACCC found that this lack of loyalty makes it unlikely that Wesfarmers would be able to restrict the sale of these brands to retail outlets it owns, such as Bunnings and Kmart.

It also found that competition [url=http://www.beyteer.com/mens-puma-baylee-future-cat-ii.html>Mens Puma Baylee Future Cat II[/url] in the workwear sector has increased.

"Wesfarmers will continue to be constrained by a number of existing suppliers and by actual and potential imports from Asia. In retail markets, Wesfarmers will face competition from other retail chains [url=http://www.beyteer.com/mens-puma-ferrari-shoes.html>Mens Puma Ferrari Shoes[/url] and local outlets for the supply of workwear," Mr Sims said.

"New wholesalers and resellers have entered the market in recent years and the ACCC expects that this trend will continue."

Wesfarmers managing director Richard Goyder welcomed the decision.

"Finalisation of this review has cleared the way for the completion of the transaction which isexpected at the beginning of next month," he said in a statement.

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Accepting medicare as payment for selling orthopedic shoes

Do the shoes marketed especially for diabetics really make a real difference? A show salesman who markets shoes especially for diabetics says that it really does make a.

Will medicare cut in physicians payment (23% by january 1, 2011) be the approved amount or the paid amount? Approved amount meaning the amount at which the service (cpt codes) is by.

Lap band and medicare I found a hospital and dr in miss that will take medicare but i have to pay the co pay does.

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Accepting medicare as payment for selling orthopedic shoes. We own a uniform store in New York, NY. We sell things like restaurant uniforms/aprons, medical gear/scrubs, work shoes/boots, postal uniforms, etc. We also sell orthopedic shoes. We want to be able to accept medicare as payment. We aren a doctor office and don have patient files so applying to be a DMEPOS supplier seems to be way more intricate than it needs to be. There are currently competitors in our area that only sell orthopedic shoes also and are able to accept medicare. Can an expert in the field point us in the right direction?

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Do you have a list of eye doctor(s) in Houston, Texas accepting Medicare?

I work and can spend too much time on the phone calling every doctor in Houston, TX to find out if they accept Medicare or not. Do you have a list and if not, do you know where or who to call to get a [url=http://www.beyteer.com/mens-puma-ferrari-shoes.html>Mens Puma Ferrari Shoes[/url] list. My tentant is 4 months [url=http://www.beyteer.com/mens-puma-complete-velosis-in-shoes.html>Mens Puma Complete Velosis In Shoes[/url] behind in rent payments. I have filed eviction paperwork. The marshall let notice on her door and sent letter via mail. Since then I recived partial payment.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. This was the topic for [url=http://www.beyteer.com/womens-puma-drift-cat-sf-shoes.html>Womens Puma Drift Cat SF Shoes[/url] a freshman litrature class paper that I wrote while I was in college. The professor thought it was a joke but, I was serious, I just can have enough shoes. Is it true that all Techs. The agreement was the i take over the payments and when it was paid off it was mine. She also put insurance on it and i have been making those.

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10 Christmas breakfast ideas kids will devour

Christmas break starts tomorrow for us, and my kids are beyond excited. Once school is out the real countdown begins. Those few days leading up to Christmas are just filled with anticipation. It so fun to get into the magic of

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WASHINGTON While the House of Representatives considers cutting more than $20 billion from the food stamps program this week, it may want to consider a startling statistic: military families are on a pace this year to redeem more than $100 million in food aid on military bases.

Nearly $53 million in food stamps had been cashed in by people eligible to shop in base commissaries, including disabled veterans and others with military ID that entitles entrance to the facilities, through the first half of this fiscal year from October through March, according to data provided to The Huffington Post by the Defense Commissary Agency.

The use of food stamps in commissaries increased 9 percent from 2012, when for the full year $99 million worth of food stamps were redeemed on bases. In addition, the commissaries sold some $31.2 million in goods under the Women, Infants and Children program in 2012 and about $15 million so far this year. Department of Agriculture adminsters both WIC and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which provides food stamps.

The data do not reveal which military populations use federal assistance to feed themselves and their families. A spokeswoman for the Department of Defense pointed to USDA data from 2011 that found 5,000 food stamp recipients listed their employment status as "active duty military." That represents a five fold jump from the previous year, when the USDA found 1,000 active duty service members getting food stamps.

The defense spokeswoman, Cmdr. Leslie Hull Ryde, noted that 5,000 cheap nike shox is a tiny percentage of the the 44 million Americans getting SNAP benefits.

"Research indicates that military members who receive SNAP tend to be made up of members in junior pay grades with larger than average household sizes," Hull Ryde said. "Military members normally 'promote out' of the need for additional subsistence benefits, due to the corresponding raises in basic pay and other allowances as one moves to a higher pay grade."

People who are not on active duty, especially disabled veterans, do not "promote out," however, and may be hit hard by the SNAP funding cuts proposed in the House farm bill, which are spread over 10 years.

How the $20.5 billion reduction in the House version of the farm bill would translate to specific individuals depends on their circumstances. Nearly 2 million people would lose benefits altogether because of changes in eligibility standards. Others would lose about $90 a month. On top of that, unrelated to the farm bill, expiring provisions of the stimulus law mean that all SNAP households are about to lose $25 a month.

Cuts of such magnitude would be devastating, said Butch Griggs, a disabled vet and father of five who relies on food stamps.

"At 25 percent, it's just huge," said Griggs, of Mt. Vernon, Wash., a former Marine who served in the 1980s and said he suffers from bipolar disorder and ruined disc in his back. "That's a lot compared to what I have to work with. What it means is basically no food security whatsoever. It means you're having to ask and scrounge and beg for extra food."

Griggs became a single parent after his ex wife, who suffered severely from diabetes and other problems, died of cardiac arrest a year ago. In spite of both parents' problems, they got their oldest daughter through college last year, and Griggs got his 18 year old son enrolled in college this week.

He has three more children, ages 16, 10 and 9, to support. He takes a bus to the grocery store because he can't afford a car. And even with the pain in his back, he said he hauls the supplies home in a backpack. He described how he has to carefully parse out the $710 a month he gets in Social Security disability payments, the $550 he gets from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the $550 from SNAP to feed his family for a month.

Often it means balancing what clothes to buy, which school supplies or events to pay for. Sometimes the cheaper choice winds up being more expensive, he said, explaining two of his kids wound up with foot problems from wearing cheap shoes.

"You think you're saving money, you're going to make the budget, but the cost comes out the other end," Griggs said.

So when he thinks about cuts to food stamps, he thinks first about children, and gets angry at the arguments that food stamps have somehow made people like him "dependent."

"When 40 percent of these cheap nike shox people who should be independent are children?" Griggs said. "You can't say mom and dad suck, and the children are just collateral damage because mom and dad suck. So we have no obligation whatsoever to protect our children, right? You have to completely ignore the children when you're doing stuff like this."

He said that he couldn't really understand the mentality of lawmakers who want to cut people cheap nike shox in need.

"We're not cutting funding from a wealthy person. We're cutting funding from the poorest of the poor, meaning when you cut it, their bottom comes up a lot quicker," Griggs said. "There does come a point where you basically might as well just shoot 'em, because there's no way to make it from point A to point B. Why should it always be a struggle? Why should you always be hungry."

The Senate passed its version of the farm bill last month, with a $4 billion cut in SNAP. Whatever reduction passes the House this week, if it does, will have to be reconciled with the Senate bill.

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