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As Government Bloats Up, We Get Fat Along With it

April 15, 2011
 by Hannah Brunet


America just keeps getting fatter and fatter, and politicians keep proposing (imposing) more and more solutions to the problem. Raise taxes on unhealthy foods. Have bureaucrats prepare our lunches. Take away happy meal toys. But what's the real (obvious) solution (that they blatantly ignore)?

Obesity in America is skyrocketing at levels unseen in history, causing an epidemic in diabetes and heart diseases. Americans are eating less healthy, eating out much more often and are passing on their bad habits to their children. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index shows that a whopping 63% of us are either overweight or worse, obese. 

You'd think an issue with such a simple solution of eating less and exercising more could be easily solved, but it's near impossible when families have to choose a night out at Burger King with a receipt of $1.50 per person against a wholesome “organic” meal, which lacks the convenience and is often double or triple the cost. The choice is easy. Especially for families on a tighter budget. It 's a discouraging and frustrating topic.

Good news America, it's not our fault we're so fat! It's the government's!

Corn subsidies began in 1930 during the Great Depression and were meant to lend aid to struggling farmers at the time. However as we all know, whenever government sticks its nosy nose into where it doesn't belong, no matter how good the intentions, unforeseeable consequences occur. As aid increased for corn subsidies in the 90s, outdoing tobacco subsidies by a factor of 70, corn substitutes in products have strangely began popping up everywhere. Just read the ingredients. Corn became so cheap that manufacturers could not resist taking advantage of it, incorporating it into everything. Unsubsidized or significantly less subsidized products like sugar cane can simply not compete in the face of corn. Sodas, plastics, paper products, paints, batteries, animal food, the list goes on and on. Naturally, the prices of these products dropped as corn is so cheap to obtain. Eating or drinking high fructose corn syrup soda drinks and candies too often are obviously detrimental to the health, but it's so so hard when that soda costs $1.50 with free refills and when that Whopper burger is on the dollar menu. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way getting angry at these industries for producing products using corn. I could blame them, after all they are the ones advertising their commodities and they are the ones putting their sugar dense nutrient void products into pretty, colorful and appealing packages. But that would be completely circumventing the problem. They are simply doing what people have always done, using their surrounding resources to it's maximum potential and making profits in their own self interests. Is a company really going to ignore using corn as a substitute when all of their competing partners will soon outdo them with lower prices and more colorful packages?

Of course, the government gets angry when we get fat off their subsidies and pretend as though it isn't their fault at all. It's our fault really, since we are all so stupid and need the government to provide <a href="http://reason.com/blog/2011/04/12/chicago-school-bans-some-lunch">our children with school lunch meals</a> because their parents pack foods that are considered to be much too unhealthy. I don't know about you, but I feel a person who lives with the child on a daily basis and is aware of their allergies, likes and dislikes of various foods can pack a much better lunch than a bureaucrat sitting in an office can. After all, isn't one of the basic obligations of having a child ,you know... feeding them? If you can't even do that, don't have a kid, period. I always thought that was a given. What I don't get is that the government is taxing us for subsidies on corn, and then using our tax money to pay for these school lunches so that we don't buy the subsidized corn products.

Additionally, the government is looking to raise taxes on sodas repeatedly in hopes of reducing sales of sodas, ending American obesity and saving the entire world from themselves. In reality, the soda tax would be a double tax, as we are paying for it's artificially low prices through corn subsidies and then receiving a penalty for buying it because we like the artificially low price.

Somewhere, some politician is going home with a smug grin on his face because he just convinced a bunch of citizens he'll lower the obesity rate by raising taxes on unhealthy products like sodas and taking away happy meal toys from children, without actually addressing the real problem. If corn subsidies were slashed, so many other problems would mysteriously vanish too. Our food could be healthier, our cattle and poultry meats could be healthier (because of a switch back to feeding them with grass, it would no longer be more expensive than corn) and more food could be available for eating instead of going to animal feedlots are just a few of the many, many issues that politicians propose other “solutions” for, ones that 100% of the time call for more government.

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Lakesha, on 5/15/2011 at 7:36pm, said:

It's sopoky how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

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HHIS I sholud have thought of that!

Esther, on 5/15/2011 at 10:08pm, said:

That saves me. Tahkns for being so sensible!

Victory, on 5/15/2011 at 10:57pm, said:

I’m not wtohry to be in the same forum. ROTFL

Clarinda, on 5/15/2011 at 11:44pm, said:

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of ssunihne.

Pait, on 5/16/2011 at 12:31am, said:

You've hit the ball out the park! Incriedble!

Matilda, on 5/16/2011 at 12:36am, said:

And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me srtiahgt.

Vicky, on 5/16/2011 at 1:19am, said:

Home run! Great sluigngg with that answer!

Dontarrious, on 5/16/2011 at 1:28am, said:

YMMD with that asnwer! TX

Lucka, on 5/16/2011 at 3:04am, said:

The forum is a brighter place thkans to your posts. Thanks!

Delonte, on 5/16/2011 at 3:45am, said:

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Conyers, on 5/16/2011 at 3:51am, said:

At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for psoitng!

Jeana, on 5/16/2011 at 4:08am, said:

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snushine.

Lakiesha, on 5/16/2011 at 4:26am, said:

Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all aorund!

Trish, on 5/16/2011 at 5:30am, said:

Great thinking! That relaly breaks the mold!

Ice, on 5/16/2011 at 6:13am, said:

Thank God! Someone with bnrias speaks!

varpkydyle, on 5/16/2011 at 8:18am, said:

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Alexavia, on 5/16/2011 at 9:09am, said:

Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after sevaerl days struggling

Chyna, on 5/16/2011 at 10:38am, said:

I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on dispaly!

Adelie, on 5/16/2011 at 10:59am, said:

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Jessie, on 5/16/2011 at 11:08am, said:

In awe of that aswner! Really cool!

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Buff, on 5/16/2011 at 2:36pm, said:

I bow down hmulby in the presence of such greatness.

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Hetty, on 5/17/2011 at 7:00am, said:

That's really thinking out of the box. Thakns!

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Kudos! What a neat way of thiinkng about it.

Rayonna, on 5/17/2011 at 7:23am, said:

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Martha, on 5/17/2011 at 7:41am, said:

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Polly, on 5/17/2011 at 7:41am, said:

Superior thinking dmeosntrated above. Thanks!

Shanna, on 5/17/2011 at 7:55am, said:

More posts of this quality. Not the usual c***, plaese

Keiwan, on 5/17/2011 at 8:13am, said:

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AKAIK you've got the asnwer in one!

Fannie, on 5/17/2011 at 8:47am, said:

That's 2 ceelvr by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

Sailor, on 5/17/2011 at 9:26am, said:

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Nikki, on 5/17/2011 at 9:29am, said:

What a joy to find somonee else who thinks this way.

Kaeden, on 5/17/2011 at 9:32am, said:

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Patch, on 5/17/2011 at 10:22am, said:

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Stonedage, on 6/26/2011 at 5:58pm, said:

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Stonedage, on 6/26/2011 at 6:01pm, said:

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Michele, on 8/21/2011 at 11:48pm, said:

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Obesity is a complex problem. Corn subsidies surely don't help.

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Coralie, on 8/22/2012 at 4:02pm, said:

Reading this makes my decisions easier than tkiang candy from a baby.

Georgiana, on 8/22/2012 at 4:45pm, said:

Well, there was a magic bullet that iarnecsed the price of gas, so obummer should use that same bullet to decrease it. Who but the terminally naive believe that gas prices iarnecsed tremendously in such a relatively short amount of time through natural processes? Don't people rmember obummer's administration saying our gas prices would go to $10/gal like in Europe? People hear only what they want to hear.

Adhoets, on 8/22/2012 at 5:38pm, said:

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Puput, on 8/23/2012 at 1:29am, said:

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Diogo, on 8/23/2012 at 1:41am, said:

I love corn yummm.CornServing Size 1 Medium ear (90g/3.2oz) Amount Per Serving % Daily ValueCalories 130Calories from Fat 15gTotal Fat 2g 3% Saturated Fat 0g 0%Cholesterol 0mg 0%Sodium 25mg 1%Total Carbohydrate 29g 10% Dietary Fiber 4g 16% Sugars 9gProtein 5gVitamin A 8%Vitamin C 15%Calcium 0%Iron 4% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.Although corn is hiehgr in protein content than any other vegetable, it lacks the essential amino acids lysine and tryptophan.To create a complete protein, with all of the essential amino acids, corn can be combined with legumes (beans, lentils, or split peas). Legumes contain high levels of lysine and tryptophan. By combining the two, (a grain and a legume) you create a complete non-animal source of protein.

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Yuli, on 8/23/2012 at 5:26am, said:

Corn does have nutritional value. From what I know, it is a great scuroe of protein, carbs as well as fibre. I don't know about allergies or about the body not digesting it. Probably something to do with starch? But sweet corn that we have today has less strach. Eitherways, I know corn does have good nutritional value. Hope someone else can second that!

Ledif, on 8/23/2012 at 6:38am, said:

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Renan, on 8/23/2012 at 11:50am, said:

Hi I have been on this diet since early adolescence and I am now 68; since I was so young I just ate what I was told to eat dantig made it really difficult to follow the diet because of all the teasing and insults I now realize that I didn't look or act sick because I was in the beginning stages of the illness. I am now sothankful because I don't have diabetes or hypertension or any major debilitatingdisease that the average person seems to have and I work at least 80 hours a week . So anybody reading this who feels like they can't follow the diet keeptrying and it will be second nature pretty soon and you will feel so much betterthan you did eating gluten. You'll look great and your friends will think you're younger than you are.

Rania, on 8/23/2012 at 12:04pm, said:

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Ezra, on 8/24/2012 at 7:58pm, said:

I'm not having to bad of a time going gleutn free except for bread. I have tried at least 6 different gleutn free breads, frozen, loaf, and mix and I would rather eat saw dust than any of the. I asked friends to try the different ones and they all agreed, the breads are ineditable. Does anyone have a recipe or a brand name for a gleutn free bread that actually tastes alright? So far, I am using lettuce as bread for sandwiches.

Violeta, on 8/24/2012 at 8:16pm, said:

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Cliquersz, on 8/24/2012 at 8:45pm, said:

, I will have to disagree with you on #3 to an exntet. If you are talking about direct payments, which are 28 cents a bushel, if I remember correctly, if they have thin enough margins where that is making up most of their gross profit, they are doing it wrong (speaking as someone that deals with a few row crop farmers). On the other hand, they do get substantial benefits that are very hard to place value upon, such as: lower property taxes (in this state, the annual rate is anywhere from $7-$28 per acre depending on the productive index of the land; however on the flip side, the cost to get the land is very large, from a renting or purchasing standpoint) and federally backed crop insurance (which not everyone purchases).It also doesn't hurt that the government has mandated a certain amount of biofuel production for the nation (mostly ethanol), which I thought consumed a fair amount of the corn supply. Of course, using chemicals destroys the long term fertility of the soil, which in turn creates a system where the farmers have to keep on using them to maintain production, which creates other problems.But, any way you slice it, farming is a very capital intensive business and huge risks that come from producing a commodity crop.

Ecrin, on 8/24/2012 at 8:52pm, said:

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Ocupado, on 8/24/2012 at 8:57pm, said:

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Rendy, on 8/24/2012 at 9:34pm, said:

Milk subsidies dneeiitfly should be eliminated. (Although I agree the whole program should be scrapped.) These subsidies, if I remember correctly, were started around the Depression, back when there was not a good cold chain for distributing milk from places where it is cheap and easy to produce (Wisconsin) to places where it is expensive to produce (say, New Mexico). The subsidy encouraged farmers in non-dairy states to produce milk even though the land was not suited to it by jacking up the price. The farmgate price (the price on which the subsidy is based) is based on the milk price in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, which is about 60 miles from the dairy farm my grandfather had. The closer you are to Eau Claire, the less money you get. (Not that my grandfather would have taken a subsidy we are not big on government assistance in our family.)There is no reason for the milk subsidy these days. It is fairly inexpensive to transport cold items long distances now. If you can get Ben & Jerry's ice cream made in Vermont in California, then you should be able to get Wisconsin milk in Florida. The taxpayers should not have to subsidize Dean's.

Denilson, on 8/24/2012 at 9:39pm, said:

I agree Erik, although we shulod still maintain a regime of sensible credit to avoid another sub-prime situation.But you are right, interest rates are pretty high here compared to other areas of Europe, and when it comes to a small loan, you may as well put it on the credit card, it will be cheaper.Lowering these interest rates and perhaps a stamp duty waiver would help provide some boost to the housing market.

Islanda, on 8/24/2012 at 9:45pm, said:

I'm not convinced that plug-ins are the next step at this point and thus might be a mkisate for the country to try to pick technological winners and losers .but I agree.. we've backed ourselves int a corner now with the only acceptable solution to a lot of people is the status-quo of cheap fuel and any other solution that means more expense is not going to happen unless we are forced kicking and screaming away from the status-quo.Least of all, can the Feds ESPECIALLY with a perceived liberal as President are they going to push very far without the right wing and right-leaning independents going high-order.I have a theory ( which are like butts, we all have them) that the auto companies themselves are not sure which direction technology is headed and if they commit too much in a particular direction and technology break-throughs occur in a direction different than they invested in they were be financially stranded and unable to easily switch to a different direction.so I think the auto companies are hesitant about where to go next and that means to me even more reason for the govt to stay out of it.that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Vinod, on 8/24/2012 at 9:59pm, said:

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Liliez, on 8/24/2012 at 10:00pm, said:

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Brian, on 9/26/2012 at 2:22pm, said:

Wow, I must say this is passion for food! I enoyejd reading your story and very much appreciated your attention to detail on the step by step process to making humitas and the pictures are beautiful and eye catching that it makes me want to make these right now lol. I began to cook at the age of 11. My father who is from Puerto Rico taught me the basic fundamentals of cooking. My first dish ever made was what is known as one of Puerto Rico's authenitc dish- arroz con pollo y habichuelas. Growing up I was taught how to make various simple meals. I didn't realize how much I enoyejd cooking until I got into my 20 s. I had my own place, my own kitchen! It became fun and relaxing. It is then, that I began to really COOK.I am now 27, and have developed a passion for food and the beauty of preparing it lol. I am extremely close with my ecuadorian grandmother and growing up, I've watched her make all these authentic ecuadorian meals, didn't ever really do hands on work but I would watch and humitas was one of the famous dishes! I have to say, it was fun watching my grandmother and her sisters make batches of them. At 12yrs old she took me with her to Ecuador for the entire summer. I was there for three months and I learned a lot of our culture, how we speak, and of coarse the FOOD! Ecuador follows the traditional three course meal of soup, a second course which includes rice and a protein such as meat or fish, and then dessert and coffee to finish. Supper is usually lighter, and sometimes consists only of coffee con pan y queso. The heavier meal was always served at what we call here in America, lunch. It took me some time to adapt to so much food especially having soup for starters. It was a differrent soup everyday before our main meal. I loved it over there. It's an experience I will never forget.I've managed to learn much throughout my years, including a good amount of the Puerto Rican cuisine since I am also half puerto rican. I still have more to teach myself on some of their authentic complex dishes like pasteles. I will learn how to make those also. For now I'd like to give some time to the other half of my culture.Ecuadorian cuisine is something I would like to gain more knowledge of because our food is amazingly good. At 12yrs old you would think I'd be picky, nope not me! LOVED the food!Thanks again for sharing this recipe. I can't wait to give it a try Will definitely be back on here!

Larissa, on 9/26/2012 at 8:00pm, said:

So where do you get mote in Seattle? I want to make pozole for the first time, and wnated to try it with the dried corn. Or, do you recommend the Mexican hominy? I found a recipe on Epicurious. Thanks,Hi John There a couple of places that have mote in Seattle, the first one is the El Mercado Latino in Pike Place Market, another place is La Espanola in Bellevue. The mote I used was the Goya brand but I also saw there is a Peru Foods brand (haven't tried that one yet). I'm sure there are other Latin grocery stores in the Seattle area but those are the ones I usually go to.I've never made pozole so I'm not sure which is better to use, but based on taste comparison of the canned Mexican hominy vs. boiling the dry peeled corn I prefer the taste of the latter. Also, there is an Ecuadorian soup made with mote and pork, called mote pata, for that soup the mote is usually added already cooked (so you would either boil and cook the mote separately or use the canned version), I'll try to get that recipe posted soon, it's a great winter soup.

Kolonel, on 9/26/2012 at 9:42pm, said:

Sra. Laylita you are amazing! I lived in Loja, Ecuador for over 5 yrs. How I loegnd for these recipes! These are wonderful! And the fact that you do them in Spanish & English is fantastic! You should really write a cookbook and publish it both here and there! My suegra (mother in law) is there and I have cooked with her numerous times so I know that your recipes are perfectly authentic and yet you have managed to write them in such a way that they can be adapted for cooking here substituting ingredients that are available in the U.S. As I am sure you know there are many Ecuadorians in NY, NJ, Chicago, LA & CT who I think would love to know about the substitutions you have discovered that work. My 9 yr. old son & I have been longing for humas here and I thank you so much for this and all the other recipes you have shared here. It is fantastic the way you have posted the photos demonstrating how to make everything step by step! Can't tell you how fabulous I think your recipes are. Thanks again Patty

Janais, on 9/26/2012 at 10:26pm, said:

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a1Hola, Layla!I made these for Thanksgiving this year (I don't think I'll do that with all the other things I had to cook at the same time again!) and they were amnaizg. I made half sweet (half the onion, no garlic and not stuffed with cheese) to have with honey the way we did in my house as a kid, and the other half savory. I used fresh mozarella. I had more difficulty than I'd expected wrapping them the husks were all small and by the time I'd layered enough of them to make a little package there weren't enough left for all the batter. I ended up lining dishes with the pieces of husk that were left and baking them in a water bath in the oven while the humitas steamed on the stove. I was so excited when the wonderful familiar smell filled my kitchen, and it felt like a magical moment when we unwrapped the first one. I looked at my friend and said, Look! I made HOME! Thank you so much for making that experience possible it's now one of my favorite holiday memories.

Jennifer, on 9/27/2012 at 5:16am, said:

me enkanto esta reetca, muchas gracias. las cocine el fin de semana con mis 2 pekanas de asistente ellas las amarraron y me salieron unas 30 humitas (como ellas le llaman jumitas )las pienso hacer muy pronto otra ves, ayer me comi las ultimas 2, pues fueron un gran excito, primero para mi recordar mi mamita y abuelita ke ya no estan en este mundo y como ellas hacian las disfrute con un cafe negro ( ke nunca lo tomo asi) segundo para mi marido ke jamas a regresado a nuestro pais en 30 anos. y para mis hijas primera ves ke prueban, les enKanto!!usare la misma reetca pero agregare cebolla larga, osea con el rabito verde, en mi mente fotografica asi las recuerdo cuando mi abuela las hacia los pedacitos de cebolla verde, yumi!!! gracia un millon

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Rosa, Lydia, Paz, Marc, Alexandra, Lore, Sandy, JS Thank you for the nice comments, dinifetely give them a try, humitas are so good, you will become addicted.Naty My mom used to do the same thing, I love the smell of an humita in the frying pan.Jessica Thank you for being so patient!Katy Everything you made looks so yummy! Pia I've been there with the disastrous results, but try them again, it is worth it.Patty Thank you for your comments, I'm happy that you find the recipes and photos useful.Paulina The blender should work fine, you might start out working in smaller batches to keep it from getting all clogged (that always happens to me when I use the blender).

Albert, on 9/27/2012 at 10:06am, said:

This was so easy to make. My husband is from Quito and when my in laws come we alawys have them bring humitas for us. Its my favorite thing. I have been determined to learn how to make them because i love to cook . My in laws surprised us and came here a few weeks ago and they brought us Queso Fresco from there . So i was like extra determined. We made fanesca and I found your site shortly after and made even better use of the Queso freso with Humitas. My Mother in law was very impressed with the recipe. Thank you so much for this site because it converts the ingredients to ones I can find here so I can make my husband the food he loves.

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Gorgeous and so mouthwatering! Hey if you or any of your rerdaes want to see my attempt at making an entire meal off of your blog here , I just posted my photos on my blog at katiecoolady.blogspot.com.Your recipes make it so easy to follow I printed out several and took them on my vacation and my friends and family were fighting over who got to take them home. I used every bit of the recipes too, including the photos as I went along. It was sooo fun! Thank you Laylita!

Giggles, on 9/28/2012 at 9:27pm, said:

Deadly accutrae answer. You've hit the bullseye!

Kenedy, on 9/28/2012 at 9:29pm, said:

Laylita,My husband and I have used many of your rcpiees. Thank you so much. My husband is also from Ecuador but had not visited for over 35 years. I am from Dominica (English & French speaking island in the Caribbean). It is between Martinique and Quadeloupe. Your husband should know about it.We had a wonderful time in Ecuador this summer. We visited Loja and Vilcabamba and of course, many other places. Our kids would love to return.Again keep up the excellent work.Jimenez Family

Nerice, on 9/28/2012 at 10:10pm, said:

Kick the tires and light the fires, prbolem officially solved!

Chuki, on 9/28/2012 at 10:29pm, said:

How beautiful your step by step piteurcs. honestly wish I could achieve something like this.Did you know Humitas are very popular in Chile as well? Typical summer food, but here we have them as either lunch or dinner. Some people like them with sugar and other have them with Chilean Tomato salad (Tomato, onions and cilantro). Just a fact to add to everyone's head data base of random food facts. Cheers!

Dillian, on 9/28/2012 at 10:32pm, said:

I spupose that sounds and smells just about right.

Bokang, on 9/29/2012 at 12:05am, said:

I was looking for a rcpiee for Chumales on your site, but I think your humitas are the same thing my daughter's family in Cuenca calls chumales! Am I right? Love these! I had them last year when I visited. The tamales and chumales I had in Cuenca on this visit were wrapped in achira leaves rather than corn husks. Personally I prefer the corn husks. The achira leaves left a flavor that I was not fond of but then, I'm a gringa, so what do I know?

Colleen, on 9/29/2012 at 12:55am, said:

Laylita, Gracias muchisimas graaics por estas maravillosas recetas y las fotos definitivamente son increibles estaba buscando la receta de fanesca y por coincidencia entre a su pagina pero que bendicion todo se mira riquisismo yo vivo en Vista, california desde hace 9 anios y por medio de su pagina me transporte a Quito , a mi me encanta cocinar asi que ahora si tengo una muy buena guia. Dios le bendiga y graaics nuevamente.

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