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The Libertarian Solution Radio Network Media Package

Radio Advertising 101: "A New Paradigm for Business"

Radio combined with three key concepts - Internet, Direct Mail Advertising and Referrals are fundamental to growing your business. Developing a brand and promoting specials should be at the top of your business plan. We help you develop a message that properly addresses these concerns. Don't wait to do it next month or next year when your competition is doing it today. Start this week and you will be on the air in just 7 days!

  1. Libertarian Solution radio ads are heard by tens of thousands of listeners every week. Professional advertisement production is included with each package. You provide a concept and our ad department makes it happen.
  2. The Libertarian Solution web site is integrated to support each advertiser. Every package includes a web based store. As an advertiser, you get a login to manage items, gift certificates and services offered to our listeners. A fully integrated shopping cart permits an instant purchase. This new concept allows your radio ad to be keyed to the store. This unique concept merges real time purchasing into the broadcast.
  3. The weekly newsletter brings your promotions or products to our subscribers.
  4. The Libertarian Solution core listener demographic includes an independent, self reliant cross section of America that is extremely loyal when offered a good product. They appreciate the shows honesty and factual analysis.

Political talk radio is HOT and provides news and entertainment to listeners who quickly build a loyalty to the show and advertisers. Radio advertising works best as a way of exposing your company's name and services to the audience. 

When listeners hear about products and services you provide, your company's name, promotion or products will stand out in their mind, giving you the advantage of familiarity over your competitors.

  • When the need is immediate. --> A restaurant may have a Wednesday night special. (PROMOTION)
  • When the need is in the future. --> An air conditioning company sells a unit to a listener sometime latter in the season. (PRODUCT)

What Makes Radio Advertising Effective?

  1. The advertisement must grab the listener’s attention.
  2. Focus on the one consumer  benefit most likely to inspire action.
  3. Present an irresistible offer.
  4. Encourage listener action with a call to action.  

Should I Advertise On The Libertarian Solution Show?

Our program airs on 1100 KFNX in Phoenix Arizona,  We have some of the most sought after guests in the industry.

Political talk radio is HOT and provides news and entertainment to listeners who quickly build a loyalty to the show and advertisers. We focus on discussing and providing real-world solutions to today's political problems. This brings a refreshing change to those more accustomed to the standard whine-and-complain talk shows. The show is not left or right rather it promotes free mind, free markets and individual responsibility as the true solution to many problems.

In addition to being broadcast on the station KFNX in Arizona, the program is streamed live on the website, through the audio archives and via a free subscription-based Podcast searchable on iTunes. Our internet listeners are from around the world. We are actively seeking nationwide syndication.

Every new advertiser will be announced on our show and welcomed in during a live spot. Our standard contract is for 13 weeks. This includes:

  1. Professional Ad Setup.
  2. Professional In Studio Ad Production Using Male or Female Voice Over.

We offer alternative ad run times upon request. Radio advertisers receive preferred web site banner ads rates when requested. Please listen to the following clips for a better idea on the show.




  • Listen to Sample Show Clips

    Listen to Sample Ad Clips

    Standard Radio Ad Rates

    Standard Web Ad Rates

    ** if you have a promotional rate you must mention it prior to signing up. **

    Show episodes are available for listening in our Audio Archive.



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